Obama’s Views on Gay Marriage Were Never Evolving, They Were REVOLVING

What? President Barack Obama backs gay marriage? Oh my God! Now I have to support him! His disastrous economic record? Psssshhhhhh. His incoherent foreign policy? Who cares? EVERYONE OBAMA BACKS GAY MARRIAGE HE DESERVES RE-ELECTION!

This has basically been the reaction from the mainstream media and the reaction from Obama supporters everywhere. Truth be told, it’s annoying me.

Now let’s be clear- I do not intend to turn this into a discussion about gay marriage. What I do intend to talk about is Obama having a rather weak spine on this issue, something the mainstream media doesn’t seem to talk about.

In 1996, when he ran for the Illinois state senate, Obama said he favored “legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” Later that year he changed his position.

Flash forward to 2004, where Obama declared that marriage was not a “civil right” and should be between one man and one woman. Don’t take my word for it though, see it for yourself in the video below!

Three years later, when then Senate-candidate Obama reaffirmed this position in during a Democratic debate, in which he proposes civil unions. (which for the record is something a lot of conservatives believe in too)

And now today, Obama did a 180 and now supports same-sex marriage. Of course what’s buried in the article is:

As president in 2010, Obama told ABC News’ Jake Tapper that his feelings about gay marriage were “constantly evolving. I struggle with this.” A year later, the president told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, “I’m still working on it.”

So to recap, Obama went from being all for gay marriage only to be against it later that year. Then he went from being against gay marriage to saying he wasn’t sure on the issue and now is in favor of same-sex marriage.

Mitt Romney may be a serial flip-flopper, but I don’t think he has ever a flip-flopped on an issue as much as Obama has on gay marriage.

So the question is: Is this truly what Obama believes? Well, I’m not completely convinced that he has truly evolved on the issue:

Left-wing blogger Greg Sargent reported on Monday that “leading gay and progressive donors” were angry with Obama over his increasingly convoluted position on gay rights and same-sex marriage, and were refusing to donate any more money to Priorities USA, the pro-Obama Super PAC. Sargent cited Paul Yandura, a political adviser to prominent Democratic donor Jonathan Lewis, who emailed that:

A number of gay and progressive donors, unsolicited, have indicated to us that they aren’t considering requests to donate to the Obama SuperPac because of the president’s refusal to the sign the order. And those are high-dollar asks, some in the seven digits. We have heard from at least half a dozen major gay and progressive donors that they stand united with us.

The Washington Post noted on Tuesday that roughly 20 percent of Obama top campaign bundlers—who are responsible for arranging $500,000 and up—“publicly identified themselves as gay.”

So what happened after Obama announced his support for gay marriage?

The liberal Talking Points Memo reports that one Obama bundler, Jon Cooper, said the president’s announcement will make fundraising for the re-election campaign “immeasurably easier.”

Clearly then, Obama’s views were never actually evolving on gay marriage. They were revolving, round and round to whatever is politically beneficial for him. For this election cycle, he needed to do this excite his base and get the donations he needs.
Of course if you closely watch the video where Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage, Obama says that the issue of marriage is still left up to the states to decide.
Wait what his position up till now? That states should decide what the definition of marriage is.
So what actually changed is well………..nothing. Other than Obama’s personal preference.
The media salivating over this then was nothing more than yet another distraction from his disastrous record as president.
If you support same-sex marriage and you’re excited by Obama’s announcement in favor of same-sex marriage, good for you. Honestly.
But he’s using you. Obama is using you, the LGBT movement, and anyone else who supports same-sex marriage to get some sort of excitement for his campaign. Last night’s primaries were a wake-up call to him that he needed to do this. (that for another blog post)
Given his flip-flops on the issue, it’s just not clear that his conversion is sincere. Remember, if he is re-elected, there’s nothing to hold him accountable, so Obama can and will do whatever he wants.
Therefore, not knowing how he really feels on the issue is not exactly going to sit well with voters outside of his base, and will definitely be a factor in November.
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