Opinion: Ann Coulter Rocks Cal Poly

Ann Coulter signs books at Chumash Auditorium

As a stage guard, observing the 500-600 crowd of students and San Luis Obispo community members in Chumash Auditorium who came to see the famous, witty and bombastic conservative pundit Ann Coulter tonight (brought by the Cal Poly College Republicans) was an incredulous sight to see.

When Cal Poly College Republicans President Brendan Pringle introduced her by saying “Even she doesn’t call herself controversial, everybody welcome Ann Coulter” Coulter came onstage to a standing ovation.

“This is not my typical audience,” Coulter said. “Welcome to Occupy San Luis Obispo! There will be no lice, no rapes.”

Coulter was clearly on her game tonight, her sarcastic, witty swipes and quips on full display for everyone to see. She covered subjects involving her new book, Demonic, in which she talks about the mob mentality of today’s liberals.

Copies of Demonic were available for purchase

“One of the mob attributes is their use of slogans,” Coulter said. “They say nothing when you think about it. It’s like an Obama speech.”

She used Obama’s Hope and Change slogans as examples, and then said that a third slogan they never used was “I’m going to raise the debt by $5 trillion and not create a single job.”

Coulter went on full attack mode on the Obama administration, talking about everything from the stimulus bill to ObamaCare to the unemployment rate.

The stimlus bill, Coulter claimed, mainly stimulated the government. ObamaCare will cause our health care system to run like the DMV.

Her best line of the night though was when Coulter was talking about the unemployment rate. She mentioned that the lowest it ever was when Obama first came into office, at 7.8%. Now it’s at 8.3% and what she dubbed as the “Non-Fox Media” were cheering about it.

“It’s like you have a fever, of 103, then it goes up to 104 and then back to 103 and then saying that’s a good doctor,” Coulter said

She then moved  on to how this was the most important election in our lifetime. Coulter compared it to Reagan/Carter election, and she said that Reagan won because he was able to attract Independents by not using incendiary language. For instance, he never called Carter a socialist.

Unfortunately Coulter must not remember speeches Reagan made like this. (and Carter wasn’t a socialist, he was an idiot).

What was particularly memorable though, was the 45-minute Question-and-Answer session.

Coulter had numerous hecklers throughout the session, and she swatted them down like gnats.

For instance, someone loudly shouted BOO!!! when she talked about the strength of the traditional family, and she put him in place by saying that these were the kinds of snobs produced by a single-mother household.

Coulter also handled hostile questions well.

One unidentified girl said to her in a huff, “Calling Obama a jugular head is rude!” Coulter retorted back that she call Obama whatever she wanted.

Her only sign of being tripped up during questioning was a question by yours truly. Coulter’s pro-Mitt Romny rhetoric and slams at Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were starting to get sickening, thus producing this question:

Aaron Bandler- “You mentioned that Santorum voted against E-Verify. I know what you’re referring to- the McCain/Kennedy bill. That bill did have E-Verify in it, but it also had amnesty in it. Amnesty is not a conservative position. So isn’t it misleading to say that Santorum was voting against E-Verify when he was actually voting against amnesty?”

Coulter- “Yeah……….I don’t know about that. I just know Santorum hasn’t talked about it much.”

Aaron Bandler- “He has.”

Coulter: “Yeah like ten minutes ago!”

Despite the Romney rhetoric, it was truly an awesome experience to hear Ann Coulter speak. Community members afterward, like Jeannie Nix (Ed Waage’s wife) and Matt Kokkonen said Coulter’s presentation was wonderful.

“For months I eagerly awaited the arrival of Ann Coulter,” Nix said. “Her quick wit and insightful commentary last night were all that I hoped for and more. Ms. Coulter fielded both friendly and hostile questions with good humor while expelling misunderstanding of her positions.”
It will be awhile before Cal Poly ever again has the privilege of hosting a guest with the great humor and brains that Coulter has.
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