Opinion: Aggregating Assignment- SARP Editorial

The San Luis Obispo Tribune had an editorial last Thursday about supporting Sexual Assault and Recovery Center (SARP) which can be read here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/02/16/1950625/sarp-center-is-worthy-of-your.html

SARP is a non-profit organization that, as suggested by the name, offers help those who have been victims of sexual violence. Unfortunately, as the editorial states, the organization has run up deficits as a result of cuts from federal and state funding.

As a result, SARP now has had to cut back in the following ways:

  • SARP will no longer be open on the second and fourth Monday of every month
  • It won’t be able to provide services to schools, businesses and other organizations on those Mondays

The SLO Tribune editorial board hopes that the Violence Against Women Act that’s being debated in the Senate will pass to reauthorize funding to SARP.

The editorial believes that SARP is vital to the community because:

Since it began operating 35 years ago, the organization has been providing an indispensable service to our community. Over the course of the past year, it served approximately 300 different clients and, in addition, made 329 educational presentations that reached nearly 2,800 people, most of them younger than 18.

My opinion? Obviously I’m for care for those who are victims of sexual violence. However, given that we’re $15 trillion in debt (and counting!) we can’t afford to continue funding SARP.
I believe that these kinds of programs should be privately funded via donations. If it’s truly a good program that’s important to the community, the people will fund it.
And no, raising taxes is not the answer- that’ll just slow economic growth. Growth is the key to gaining revenue, not higher taxes. But that’s for another post.
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